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Delhi – The Seductress

Walk Details
At Mehrauli Archaeological Park Near Qutub Minar
The Mehrauli Archaeological Park, lying adjacent to the Qutub Minar complex, offers a rich sense of continuous history, from remains of Lal Kot built by the Rajputs in the early 11th century to Metcalfe's constructions over the Mughal and Sultanate period monuments in the 19th century. During the walking trail our participants will get to meet Dilli! She will charm the audience with her stories, her poetry and with her ada. She will make you climb up the beautiful 17th century Dilkhusha, a tomb constructed for the Mughal noble Quli Khan. You will also explore the depths of the 16th century step well called Rajon ki bauli and experience the tranquility of the famous Jamali Kamali mosque. The walk will end with eternal love stories of the Piri-Muridi tradition of the Sufis.

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