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The Eternal Love Stories: A Sufi Walk

Walk Details
In Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah & The Neighbourhood
This walk takes you on a journey of Islamic Mysticism called-“SUFISM”. Stories of the Piri Muridi tradition unfold before you, as you get to visit the beautiful and magnetic sentinels of the past (i.e. the dargah of Pir Nizamuddin and tomb of his Murid Amir Khusrao). Stories about the Basant festival and the Urs of a saint are shared.

You get to see the 14 th Century Baoli or the step well and hear the dramatic story about to its construction.The walk also includes visiting the Chausath Khamba, Urdu's greatest poet Ghalib's tomb, tomb of Atgah Khan and that of the Mughal princess and the leading lady of the imperial harem begum Jahanara. This journey through the bygone era will be spiced up with poetry, songs and storytelling.

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