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A Delhi-based startup, we are a travel and culture studio. We design experiential journeys that bring together spaces, places and people, weaving them into a matrix of stories that connects us with the rich historical and cultural roots of Delhi. We have spent countless hours exploring the city of Delhi – meandering through her streets, meeting her people, digging out her hidden stories – on a quest to create a Delhi Experience for you that is authentic, unique and eclectic.

Our theme-based and customized offerings cater to a variety of audience. Whether you are new to Delhi and need a gentle introduction into the colorful and chaotic life of the city; or a seasoned traveler keen to delve into the local culture; or a certified “Dilliwallah” willing to be pleasantly surprised by the city’s hidden delights; or an organisation or group keen on an educative and entertaining jaunt…

Come, (re)discover Delhi with Darwesh.

Looking to Discover Delhi?

Look no further.

Thematic Walks

Short duration storytelling walks to get in touch with Delhi's living history and culture
Delhi’s Her Story | The Devi’s dance | Call of the Sufi’s | Yamuna walk

Customized Tours

Personalized, half day and longer itineraries for individuals and groups looking to explore Delhi
Old Delhi exploration | Delhi essentials' tour - Popular sight and more | Village tour to Bisrak

Performative Journeys

Reliving history through storytelling, theater and folk performances at some of Delhi's historical landmarks
ShahJahan’s daughters | Tughlaq - The Mad Genius | The Begum and her Hookah and more

Food Expeditions

Food Safaris to discover the making, shaping and serving of Delhi's traditional cuisines
Street food expeditions | Spice markets and Traditional kitchens' tour | Culinary workshops

Educational Programs

Students' Workshops and Outings to cultivate our understanding and appreciation of Delhi's History and Culture
Historical retellings through theater and folk arts | Story hunts and story making workshops | Archeological jaunts

Employee Engagement Programs

Interactive workshops to enhance creativity and strengthen team work
Thematic events that transform the city into a fun, interactive classroom

Thematic Walks

These walking tours form the vital essence of our work in showcasing Delhi’s culture. A result of many fun hours of research and exploration, these short walks (2-3 hours) are hosted in select parts of the city where ancient histories blend seamlessly with modern traditions.

Designed for the insatiably curious, we’d like our walks to facilitate informative, entertaining and memorable interactions with our passionate storytellers, the city of Delhi and her people.

Customized Tours

Our Customized Tours are geared towards explorers who have a day or more in Delhi. We tailor our itineraries keeping in mind the travelers’ interests and convenience and also with a keen eye on events and festivities happening in the city.

Whether it’s an entertaining sight-seeing tour you are looking for or a specific culinary experience, we look forward to crafting your charming Delhi experience.

Delicious Food Expeditions

Hosted in busy bazaars and hand picked traditional kitchens, our culinary expeditions are as much about digging into food culture as they are about sampling food. These tours are customized to your tastes and cover a range of delicious experiences, from exploring the royal Mughal cuisine, to understanding the subtlity of Sattvik (Ayurvedic) cooking, and even invading some of Delhi’s oldest and most cherished street food joints.

Performative Journeys

Our performative journeys are designed to shine the spotlight on key episodes from Delhi’s history. These historical retelling blend traditional storytelling with theater, folk traditions and other performing arts.

These walks are hosted in and around some of Delhi’s intruiging and lesser known monuments where our performers and storytellers set the stage to take us back in time to a forgotten era.

Our popular theater walks

ShahJahan’s daughters, Roshanara Bagh

The Mad Genius, Tughlaqabad Fort

Dashamukha, Chawri Bazaar

The Begum and her Hookah, Old Delhi

Learning Workshops

We want to bring back “play” into work and study. Life in the classroom or at the workplace can be a dizzying mix of activity that keeps us on our toes all the time. On our engagement programs we look to immerse ourselves in the process of creative communication to expand our sense of experimentation, wonder, and fun.

Meet the Dervishes

A group of thinkers, makers, dreamers, doers who share a common passion for what we call the “dervish” style of storytelling – storytelling as a lived experience rather than a monologue or a dialogue.

  • Team Profile- Yuveka

    Founder and Director

    Yuveka Singh

  • Team Profile- Meghali

    Heritage & Training Head

    Meghali Roy

  • Team Profile- Nitika

    Theatre & Marketing Head

    Nitika Arora

  • Team Profile- Madhavi

    Content & Aesthetics Head

    Madhavi Menon

What's being said

Reviews and testimonials from our guests and the press

Discovered Mehrauli today and was blown away by the Sufi histories still remaining there. Special thank you the Darwesh team for an amazing Sufi walk this morning. Can’t wait for the next one!

Jaclyn Michael

Highly recommend it for anyone looking to experience the authentic sounds, sights and tastes of Delhi! Thank you Darwesh!

Aliya Anwar

Apart from the fact that I learnt lots of things about both places, I would like to point out how comfortable Darwesh people make you feel and how welcoming they are.

Inaki Arana
  • If you’re looking for an interesting way to learn more about the heritage and culture of Delhi, albeit in a manner that is zara hatke, look no further than Darwesh.

    So Delhi
  • An outfit working in the field of culture and history is using the medium of theatre innovatively.

    The Hindu
  • Driven by a desire to re-envision the city, the folks at Darwesh are devising inventive tours for those seeking non-touristy experiences.

    Times of India (Dashamukha theater walk)

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